The research and development aims at creating and commissioning    innovative process in teaching methodology. It encourages creativity in teaching and in introducing new teaching aids and utilizing those to the optimum level. The department is responsible for practical sessions in coordination with class room teaching and in the implementation of multiple intelligence approach to facilitate learning at all levels.

The department also monitors and records individual progress of the students through case study records. Our ultimate aim is to tap and nurture the potential of the children and equip them for a better life and career.

The  counseling department at Vagdevi Vilas aims to help students who need special attention to transform into socially and emotionally balanced individuals.

Chairman's Message

Welcome to the Vagdevi Vilas family. At Vagdevi Vilas, we believe that every human being ( vyakti) has a latent strength (shakti) which is waiting to be realized. A strength which is moving towards perfection.
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