Vagdevi Vilas Institutions is a premier and a leading group of educational Institutions founded by former Scientist of ISRO Sri. K. Harish. It has an elite academic advisory board comprising of renowned educationists and scientists, whose dream is to create a world class human resource from among the students of our institutions and evolve them as leaders of tomorrow who would take India on to the top of the world in all respects.

At our Institution, education is a noble instrument with which we mould future generations into responsible citizens and good human beings. Vagdevi Vilas Institutions is dedicated to the development of wholesome foundation for the generations, to build ideal citizens with love for the nation, nature and culture. At Vagdevi, values are treated as ‘empowering tools’.

Welcome to the Vagdevi Vilas family. At Vagdevi Vilas, we believe that every human being ( vyakti) has a latent strength (shakti) which is waiting to be realized. A strength which is moving towards perfection.
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