Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the Vagdevi Vilas family. At Vagdevi Vilas, we believe that every human being ( vyakti) has a latent strength (shakti) which is waiting to be realized. A strength which is moving towards perfection.

Every person in the world has a special role, a special talent, a special strength. Everybody does his bit to contribute to the world to make it a better place than it was yesterday. An Edison could give light to the world, through a Gandhiji, the world understood the importance of non-violence, a Montessori could re-write the language of child education, a Vivekananda could make the entire India stand up with self confidence. Similarly, your child could have hidden talents which need to be developed. Just as a good sculptor sees a beautiful sculpture in every stone, Vagdevi Vilas Institutions realize the existence of a great strength in every child. It sees tomorrow’s leaders in today’s children.

Shravana’s devotion towards his father (Pitrubhakthi), Ekalavya’s sincerity in learning (Shraddha), Bheema’s physical strength (Dhruda Kaaya), Dharmaraya’s patience & concept of dharma, Vidura’s morals (neethi) & Chanakya’s intellect & vision along with  Tata’s entrepreneurship, Bhagat Singh’s patriotism, Baba Amte’s service to the backward community, environmentalist Thimmakka’s concern for the ecosystem, Abhinav Bhindra’s Olympic achievement, if an element of all these qualities could be inculcated in our children, wouldn’t that be great?

Come, bring your child to Vagdevi Vilas Institutions. Welcome to a special environment that encourages and shapes your child’s hidden talents, splendid dreams and enthusiastic attempts.

We appeal to you to support us in our endeavor to prepare tomorrow’s sculptors. We are with you.

Vagdevi Vilas Institutions

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